Which /system apps can be safely uninstalled?


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I have recently upgraded my Xperia ZR to Lollipop 5.1.1 stock Sony ROM. I have rooted it. One big irritant I am facing is lack of internal storage space. Among the main culprits here are apps in /system (both /system/app as well as /system/priv-app) that are taking up precious space in internal memory (only 4.6 GB is user available out of total 8 GB) in the form of .DEX files.

My goal here is safety first. I know that I may not need them now, but I should be able to install them in future if necessary. Hence I am mainly looking at applications that are not required for normal functioning of the phone and could be installed from the Play Store if necessary later (considering that so many are already on the Play Store including many Sony applications)

Do all these applications necessarily need to run as system applications for their proper functioning? If I can install them as a regular user app, I can use Link2SD and send both the APK and DEX files to SD card with a link on internal memory thus greatly saving space.

Here are some I have shortlisted:

Google applications
1. Maps
2. YouTube
3. Google Search (the APK is called Velvet) - I do not use Google Search app, I do not want OK Google.
4. Drive - I do not use it now. May be in future.
5. Chrome - it is just a browser. Will it not work equally well as a user app?

Sony applications
1. File Commander (not exactly a Sony application but available on the Play Store and is already pushing ads, is there any unique functionality that only File Commander can provide and not other file browser? WiFi Direct?)
2. Album - is it not available on Play Store too? Can I install it from there?
3. Movies - same as Album.
4. Walkman or Music
5. What's New - not needed for me.
6. Movie Creator - I doubt I will be routinely stitching up videos on the phone. Still it would be nice to have in case needed in future.
7. Podcast - I do not listen to podcasts now but in future if the situation changes.
8. Movie Creator - there are 2!!!!!
9. Xperia with Facebook
10. Xperia Lounge Pass
11. Sony Music
12. Xperia with Twitter
13. Xperia Calender Sync - seems to deal with Facebook
14. Xperia Social Engine****

Please go through the list and suggest.
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