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Which Laptop should i buy.........

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Hi guys.........

Friends i am planning to buy a laptop next week.... so guys which laptop will be good for me,,,,,,,, my budget is upto 45 K...

i hav shortlisted these 4 models if anyone already used these models then they can tell how they r in performance, stability, in which year they bought it....... how is it now.. did they face any problem.,,,,,,,






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Well, if there is jus a comparison b/w DELL and LG, then go for DELL always.. no wuestions asked further.. :D (well, i mean u can ask if u want to) :D
I think Dell 1525 looks MUCH better going by cost to performance ratio.
With 45K, you can even *try* to sneak in a Dell Studio 15, but don't get it unless you want the HD3450 GPU for HD videos, 800x600 mid crysis (this resolution would actually look GOOD on a 15" lappy display) and such stuff.

PS: http://dellstoreroa01.sg.dell.com/public/cart/configurator.jsp?prd_id=43160&sr_no=1

Hmm... Its become cheaper. 45K for model WITH 320GB HDD and HD3450. Looks great :D
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