Which is the Best Windows XP Restore Software

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Please tell, which is the Best,fast & Easy to use "Windows XP Restore software", which should be Already Installed in Computer for emergency, if by Chance Windows XP Corrupt & denied to Start and the Software can Restore Windows without any loss of Data in C Drive.


I use Nero Back it up.You can create a bootable disc from your nero.The whole C drive can b compressed and converted to an image and can b saved in your PC.You can do the restore with in 10 min.The size of the image will b depended on the size of your C drive.


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The best - Shadowprotect Desktop Edition http://www.storagecraft.com/shadow_protect_desktop.php

I always use their Vista PE based recovery disk to backup and restore my Windows XP and Windows 7 machines. Have not experienced any problems. Even today I restored my XP machine using Shadowprotect Recovery CD. (backup stored in an external drive)

I jettisoned Acronis True Image long back since there were reports that they modify the MBR almost irreversibly making it impossible to try other backup software.

Since then I do not install any backup software on the machine. I always use the bootable recovery CD which kicks in the program to make the backup images and also to restore.
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