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Which is the best site for searching rapidshare files??

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google is the best
to search for a rapidshare file, type
<keywords> rapidshare.de/files

replace keywords with the file u wanna search


Choto Cheeta

Rapidshare was never made for open to all File Server use... the main reason is its a file share so the person who is suppose to share is suppose to giove th url to the person who is suppose to download...

therefore no offcial method for public listing of the files...

and also when and if i am sharing a file "2007 Puja Album" with a name "cat n mouse" nothing would be helpful to locate the file...



You need links to download files from rapidshare. One common method is to use google to search rapidshare.de by using googles site search command.
for example:
site:rapidshare.de RAR

This would search rapidshare.de for every link / page that includes the word rar.
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