Which Graphics to go in For Laptop


I am looking to buy a laptop but I am confused as to which Graphics to go Nvidia 540M/525M or ATI Mobility Radeon...or if there are any other brands offering better graphics??


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What are the requirement? What will be your usage and budget?
Nvidia has gt 525 and gt 540 - both are mid range cards. They will play current games at hd (1366*768) resolution in medium settings.

Ati has HD 6750/6770 - high mid range cards. They can play latest games at hd resolution in high settings.


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6770 is better.

@William: at 40-45K HP has DV4-3016TX. i5,4GB,500GB, 1GB 6750 and 14".
@sumit: You can compare the graphics cards Here
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William, it is difficult to suggest a system based on the gpu only. If you are into gaming, HP laptops with ati hd 6770 graphics card will obviously good. If you are not, you can look for other options.


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Look its like this:
you can check it in the link given by arsenalfan :)

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On the most graphically intensive games,
Crysis 2|41(Smooth)|27(Playable)|51%
Metro 2033|23(Playable)|17(Unplayable)|35%
Settings are High @ 720p

Future games will run better on ATI.

EDIT: 6750M is just a underclocked 6770M.


i also expect the amd/ati laptop graphic cards to be more power efficient for the performance offered as well. amd/ati has been the the leader in graphic segment over nvidia since a couple of years now. :)
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