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Which DVD wirter to buy?

Whose mobile products are the best?

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PLease suggest me a good DVD wirter, my budget is is not more than Rs.4500/-. Tell me a good DVD writer with dual layer. Also tell me what is lightscribe and what is the cost of the DVD-writer with lightscribe.


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Hey i have not heard of SE DVD Writers no Alcatel???? :shock: :shock: :shock:

Well well u can go for

Sony DVD Writer 16xD 16x, Dual Layer, 8.5GB which costs 4000/-
Samsung DVD Writer 16xD 16x, Dual Layer, 8.5GB which cost 3200/-
LG DVD-Writer 16xD 16x, Dual Layer, 8.5GB which costs 3400/-


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lightscribe has a coating which you can burn off, so you can make cd covers on the cd itself. But it takes as long as it takes to burn the cd so to do a cover adn burn the cd it will take twice as long.

I would try to find a Motorola cause my cable modem is by Motorola and after 5 years and numerous lightning strikes, it still works.


benq 1640 best buy at present........hav good reviews on cdfreak site...........also will cost only ard 3.6k depends when it hit market..in south it has gone as low as 3.3k......in mumbai cam b4yesterday..3.55k here presently


Yep. Couple of my friend have even bough it in chennai and areas around chennai.
If you wana know from where to get it from chennai and you cannot find it with your dealer PM me. I will introduce you with my friends there and you can talk to them and get this drive.
Do not settle for any other drive at the moment.


yep DW1640 dosent have lightscribe.
But if you are looking for performace drive with best compatability, speed and ability to burn slower disks at higher speeds, frequent firmware updates then there is no competition ofr DW1640 now.
DW1625 is lightscribe drive from benq.


In the zone
BENQ is the best one for +R disks. Pioneer is the best one for -R disks. I just got a LG4163B since I could not find any of the others. They tried to sell me a Sony which is the same as the liteon which is a pathetic drive. It is such a relief to not spend an hour after each burn trying to make sure the disk is all right. (Scan disk/speed test/kprobe test).

LG is the only drive which writes in CAV mode. IE the speed of the write increases from the slowest to the fastest near the end of the disk. All the others use zones which write at a particular speed in each zone then switch to a higher speed as the written area moves to the end of the disk.

LG is much slower than the others, but reliability has become very important to me after using the liteon. Better to spend an extra minute on burning a disk and be sure it was done right than saving a minute in burn speed and spending a few hours making sure the disk works. It takes the LG 8 minutes to write a full disk. Well the Liteon took over 9 minutes so not sure why they say the LG is slower.


Review of the Philips DVDR1640P. Or BENQ.

The drive can write some types of 4x DVD+R media at 8x/12x and 8x media at 12x/16x.

Ps.. Seems the BENQ is now also using CAV mode. And barring all the hype NEC/PIONEER/BENQ/LG seems to all be reliable and fast drives with each having some strengths due to which media they developed/created. Other than Sony who cant do much even with +R media because they are all playing games at work instead of developing stuff.

And tests show that the Benq1640 writes better because well, its slower than the Benq1620. And more media can be burnt higher than rated speeds. But then again I could burn my phillips 2X +R media @ 8X on my liteon. Which dont say much for the drive over all.


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hi people, just got my benq 1640 yesterday .. fantastic drive .. especially with new firmware ... got to say this is the best dvd writer now ..

can burn any media at 16x with good quality ..

so go for it


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How long does it take to burn a disk? I am happy with 8 minutes as long as it is reliable. If the speed was like 7 minutes with verify then I would look at something else like writing it @ 32X. IE the faster you write the less reliable it is. For many things people still have to write slower than necessary, like recording Audio CD's. I haven't noticed a difference in writing it at 24x.. But some can tell the difference. Sony play station games need to be written slower. So do sega dream cast. But I save time by creating coasters.. IE I burn the CD @ 40X+, see if it boots since it takes a minute to test it, Sometimes it only locks up in the middle but that is rare, if it dont I burn it again @ 12X which always works. Some times I can burn it again @ 40X+ and see if it works, maybe the 3rd or 4th time will work... But with slower burning it always works. Saving 4 minutes to save a coaster...

Speed ain't all it cracked up to be. What ever works.. IE do the best job that takes the least amount of time. Not do the job as fast as you can.

Americans have figured this out and became #1 but lately they been thinking #1 means emulating Microsoft. Which is more like brute forcing others to say you are #1. You can look at US quality of products compared to EU quality. I used to reprogram EU products for US markets, we used to spend longer than it originally took to do the program just to fix the bugs, fix user interface problems and other things. Forget Indian or Chinese quality. And Japanese quality is always more expensive than anyone else. IE their stuff costs so much more than anything that no one wants it, but they subsidize it so it sells cheaper outside japan while costing twice as much at home. Unlike India where they sell good quality stuff outside India for half the price while selling bad quality inside at twice the price. Moser baer is a grand example of this I noticed the past year trying to get good quality DVD's.


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hey alientech , u seem to have very good knowledge abt the odd stuff ..

i have tried all the available media on benq 1640 .. it can write 16x to all of them .. infact i have written all the media at 16x.

time taken is between 6 minutes to 9 minuted depending upon the media.

surprise is that the fastest time i have got is with this media named 'unique' -rated speed 8x -- 6 minutes flat for 4.3 gb data- nero cd-dvd quality score of 93 .. not bad i should say ..

last thing .. maybe ur spot on abt the moser baer media .. cos the media id of moser baer and unique is the same!

benq dw 1640 is the best....


Cyborg Agent
hi sunmysore , thanks for ur advice buddy , i have got a question ..

i have been visiting www.cdfreaks.com

in their forum go to benq/philips dvd writer section ..

there is a topic named media code speed edit at the top ..

now i have seen many guys their who have patched their bskb firmware with mcse ...

i have tried too ... but without any success .. now have you or anybody else got a idea abt this ... they say that after the patching the read speed for dvd rom DL media is increased to 16x...

now is that so neccessary?... i am a bit confused as how to patch the firmware ? anybody pls help ........
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