Which BT headset do you own?

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Encouraged by a similar thread in mobiles,I'm starting this:

I bought 'Motorola H300',a BT headset with one AAA Battery,slightly bulky but voice clarity is really GOOD!


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Hmmm... which one? Mono or Stereo?

In Mono, I have HDW-3,HS-4W,Jabra BT250v,Jabra BT330,Nokia BH-801 (useless,never buy) and Motorola H500,among these the BEST is 'Jabra BT-330',light weight and clear voice.

In Stereo,I have Motorola HT-820 and SE HBH-HS970 (the BEST)


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I got Jabra Bluetooth Headset. It is worth 3000 bucks and was given to me for free(250/- shipping) by HP with Laptop.
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