Where to BUY Electronics' Lab stuff like resisitors in New Delhi ?


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HeyoO ((^_^))

I was thinking of making some small electrical/electronic projects and doing some lab work for ..hmmm.. passing time :D

But i don't have any proper idea about the shops to buy the stuff [like breadboard, multimeter, resistors, small transformers etc.]

Can anyone please tell me about those shops in New Delhi (o_O) ?

Somewhere around Janakpuri/Dwarka will be better :)

Thanks for your time.
Please visit Lajpat Rai market which is in front of Lal Quila for such things....I used to buy from there only while i was in college


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Thanks for reply guys :)

By the way, any idea about for prices of :- Breadboard, carbon resistors, ceramic and Electrolytic capacitors ?

@icebags Nice suggestion :D

@pulkitpopli2004 : Hmm Institutes... they will sell it at extra money :p Still will consider that too.

@pradeeocitm62 : Is Lajpat Rai market == Chandni chowk market ??? Chandni chowk is quite messy xD.. All i noticed there is Clothes and clothes..Will be tough to find an electronics stuff store.
^^ it is near to Chandni chowk market and that is dedicated electronics market only, yes it is quite messy!! below map shows, many shops

lajpat rai market - Google Maps


^^ in kolkata market, i bought a breadboard probably @150 many years ago. resistors range from 1 rupee for some few pieces to several 10s of rupees depending on their wattage and quality. ceramic/electrolytic caps 1-10/5-50 or more, generally electrolytics are costlier depending on their size.

offtopic: what is the river thing in the map ?
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