Where can I buy an Xbox/Microsoft Wired Controller for less than 2000?



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I already saw his thread but did not ask him because i would prefer local dealers.


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you should need to know the right place first. Amazon or eBay should be your first preference. But if you needed more cheaper rate try Walmart, 4SaleUSA or Best Buy.


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I wanted an XBox controller, ever since my current controller stopped working after 1.5 yrs. I will also be lookout for a wired (or wireless) controller if it comes under 2K. But it's highly unlikely now.
Also, the bloats of fake controllers, makes buying from grey market a risk.



that is more fake than nutrients in noodles.. dont get enticed by the price.. those things will last a 3-4 months of use, after that they will give problems like constant disconnects, dpad shifting, etc

I had one of those from snapdeal, my god did it give me a nightmare when playing Dark souls

the only reliable way to buy an original controller is local shops.. all online shops are shitty atm..
If you cant find an original controller, look for alternatives, like Logitech F310/F510/F710, Thrustmaster GPX, etc
I normally do not recommend logitech controllers but there are no fakes for those and logitech provides an awesome 3 years of warranty for it's controllers as opposed to Microsoft's 3 months

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I'm looking for a Dualshock 3 controller. Too many fakes in the market.

flipkart is selling original dual shock 3 controller


Most of the controllers that are being sold on sites like flipkart, eBay etc are actually knockoff Chinese products - its advisable to go for a genuine controller from a trustworthy retail outlet to avoid the possibility of getting a counterfeit item.
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