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Whats in a Motherboard ?


I always have this doubt , somewhat feelings that what is the actual benefit of purchasing high end motherboard?
I mean ,people say quality quality and quality....Honestly i really don't find too many difference between a 10K board and a 5 K board....Except the features....Like usb 3 and this and that.
The thickness of the pcb board is almost same in all the boards i have seen so far....
Recently i found a rog board problem....one capacitor somewhat leaked and this fellow went for replacement(The board was 3.5 months old) . and it took approx 1.5 month for him to get a replaced board.....The replaced board felt like 6+ months old in hand......
I mean whats the point? then investing in high board?even rog???
Cut away features(Most of which 95% people don't ever uses).
My 1 year old Ga-Ep45-UD3L 's north bridge is heating like anything in very normal use....Pc shuts down after .5 to 2 hour of gaming....
I dont want to sit like duck for the next 1 month with nothing in hand,so i am not even taking it to the service center.....I am running my PC with 3 extra fans....

Then whats the real story?

buy a really good proccy and a low cost board ? which will at least not bottleneck the performance of the CPU?

If u take a proper and careful look at the service centers , i am sure maximum people go for motherboard problems than any other parts.Most of which is 1-1.5 year old.

Whats the general view friends?

Thanks and regards

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I don't know about 5k and 10k, but at least 4-5k boards are better than 2-3k boards. my 2k board:
6 USB ports - 1 working at full speed, rest giving me below 1 mBps from my external HDD
Front audio - I got it to work after 6-7 months by changing a setting deep inside the BIOS
SATA Ports - Both damaged, making them work somehow. Once I open the cabinet, it stops detecting the HDD.

I suppose these problems don't happen in high end boards


i have never used a 2-3 K board ...I have used a minimum of 5.5K board to 12K board.....
These board dont have this USB problems ( I have never faced ) but whats the point of purchased higher range boards?
I mean the heating of north bridge is a big issue....Why does it happen?


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There is a heap of difference between cheaper boards and expensive ones. At least for the ranges you have specified. First of all the higher end boards can be over clocked. They have an OC friendly BIOS. Coupled with this, the board it self supports high OC (physically) since the currents go up a lot when higher voltages are applied --- constantly. Third, high end boards support higher MCH/NB connectivity for the memory in tandem with the over clock. Fourth, higher end boards offer better connectivity opens for PCI.E dock and PCI. Fifth, the higher end boards have better cooling option (passive) for the MOSFETS and the NB/SB.

Your board and setup is quite similar to mine. It is a good OC board. How high you took that Quad, then you will realize the true potential of that mother board. What NB temperatures you getting. I have a thermal diode my NB, it is currently showing 48C with an ambient room temperature of ~32C. If the temperatures are really bothering you, then you would need to remove the NB Heat Sink (not that difficult) and RE-TIM the chip.


Hi asigh..

It goods to hear from you,

I am a bit against to OC, honestly i dont find any logic behind OC . When you are really playing a decent game smoothly then what's the logic in stressing your CPU with OC?

Few months back i used the default gigabyte tool set up to OC the cpu.....to 3.4ghz....I used for a couple of days but really didnt not noticed any greater efficiency boost.

Instead I somewhat felt a bit uneasy....sytem staered crashing in between movies .... and downloads ( I often download for 4-5 days continuously)

So i stepped down from OC to normal load...and the problem was solved....So i really dont care to OC any more...

However for the past 1-1.5 month problems started.....NB really really hot...unable to touch it with bare hand after sudden shutdown...at room tem 32`-40` C.

I was really happy with the board but something is not right.....Something is really not right with the board....Did i again screw up the system with the OC 6 months back...or it is the normal wear and tear of the board?

As per your post :
pt1 : Irrelevant frm my point.
pt2 : Irrelevant frm my point.
pt3 : Irrelevant frm my point.
pt4 : Accepted .... as i use 1 card x16 in that lane is enough for me(Gaep45 rocks in this case)
pt5 : Not acceptable as i am talking after using the board for 1-1.5 years +

As any new decent board will give great performace upto 1-1.5 years.

So , what am i missing bro?



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Why did you buy such an expensive board then..? Does not make sense to me, honestly. A decent board can give good performance for "n" number of years.

If you OC'ed via Windows applications obviously it would fail. Those widgets are totally useless. It has to be done through the BIOS and done correctly. Believe me, you get a phenomenal boost in performance. My Crysis Warhead FPS jumps from like 30 to around 46-47, all maxed out @ 1920 x 1080.

Basically it boils down to, if you are an enthusiast and like to squeeze the maximum from your system then get a nice expensive board. Why by a Ferrari if you can gun it down the lanes at 120 kmph and be the first off the blocks.


ur board was one one of the best at the time it was launch and it has stil got potential to do more and more

basically ur board is OC friendly board and many OCers preferred this board at the time it aws launched at that pricepoint

and regarding ur problem i think the cooling system is the culprit
i'm assuming ur room temp reaches upto 40 C which is quite high
room temperatures should be and must be less than 35 C
i'll recommend u to open the side panel and then do ur work
but its india
dust is the another problem to deal with
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