What are the fun things do in holidays?



Firecracker to the moon
I pitty my friends(from 2 other colleges)
There exam got over on saturday(2 weeks back),And full day college started on monday(7-4.30)mon-sat and even sunday college(7-2) thats so lame.People think their robots


Steam High Templar
1.dedicated gaming 5hrs.
2. use the game engines in this months digit dvd to make your own games or get some game's mod SDK and make mods for games
4.hang out with friends
5.other general stuff like eating, watching cricket matches etc


In the Zone
Eat...Eat...And Eat :D
Join a gym. Trust me it will be fun
Start a blog/ website
Watch movies.

BTW are you in commerce stream or what ?...
At my place once you get outta 11th grade(science) ...You can kiss both fun and relaxation goodbye. :D.. Almost every science stream student will be buried in books and entrance coaching stuff. In short you are gonna get $crewed continuously for next 1 year :D


Still a lot to learn
@R2K you would know my city Kota all the "Coaching stuff" is here

You can be gaming, sports, movies etc.

Or learning something new


Cyborg Agent
I will give you 10 things

well if you want to shine in the software industry then try this
2.try out games(@garena or gameranger)
3.hangout with your girl friend
4.follow your hobbies
5.eat & sleeeeepzzz...
6.eat & sleeeeepzzz...
7.eat & sleeeeepzzz...
8.eat & sleeeeepzzz...
9.eat & sleeeeepzzz...
10.eat & sleeeeepzzz...
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