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Weird Problem!!!

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Theres a weird problem with my pc, it was working fine till i thought of taking out the vaccum cleaner and cleaning the whole pc, i opened the cabinet and took off the hdd's ide cables, cleaned the cab and closed. But when i tried to boot the pc it gave me the boot failure error. I thought it was because of loose connection of the ide cable, but everything was fine and secure, it happened to me before 2-3 times whenever i cleaned the pc disconnecting the ide cables and taking out the hdd, so just when i was experimenting everything possible an idea came into my mind and i placed the hdd in its slot upside down and it worked, afterwards i tried placing in correct position, but to my dismay it again gave the boot failure error. Wats the prob????? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:


If u'r Windows was installed on HDD configured as, say primary master, then u must be either plugging your HDD on either the slave connector or making it as secondary master/slave. And vice-versa.
Also try blowing on HDD pins as well as cable/ribbon pins & again plugging-in them.
Check whether connections r tight or not cos if they're loose, they might too be creating problem(s).


Check if ur IDE cable is in the working condition.
Jumpers placed properly or not.

Make the connection tight as suggested by all.
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