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Waves 2011 Robotics Events March 22,23,2011


Right off the assembly line
How many times have you seen robots work their magic and felt you should build them yourself someday? How many times have you tried but couldn't succeed because you didn't know where to start? Want to learn how robots, both small and large work? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then here it is the most irresistible offer for all those mortals who feel like they are out of the loony bin. Here is an oppurtunity to jumpstart your exploration of this field.

Waves 2011 in association with Alectono Techno Solutions gives a good grounding on the art of building autonomous robots out of discrete electronic components. The objective of this program is to train students and make them familiar with the latest technologies used to build a basic autonomous robot (line tracer). With this workshop you take your first step into the ever expanding and fun-filled field of robotics!

For more details, log on to Waves 2011 | Robotics Workshop
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Re: Waves 2011 Robotics Workshop

Pretty sure they will make a difference to this world. Just look at the capabilities and potential of ASIMO (Advanced step in innovative mobility) a humanoid robot created by honda.

So we need more engineers in robotics study to make this gream happen. Waves is a step in the right direction.


Right off the assembly line
Waves, the National Level Technical Symposium organized by Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(SEEE), College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai fosters innovation and thought where the best brains in the country showcase their talent.Over 3000 participants from reputed institutions are drawn towards this technical festival not only to display their work but also to witness how their peers have researched on current topics. This year WAVES is scheduled to be on March 21st to 23rd, 2011.

Someof the notable robotics events include

3 Phase Robo Soccer:

Soccer is a game which has managed to capture millions of hearts all over the world. Combine this with Robotics and you have an awesome spectacle to feast your eyes on!!You may have seen a game of soccer with two teams battling it out to reach the zenith, but here at WAVES’11 a slight improvisation in the rules we have three teams fighting it out for the top honours.

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PACMAN-the name creates nostalgia instantaneously!!Who can forget the titlular character PACMAN and his ever popular enemies ''The Ghosts''??? Developed by NAMCO in the year 1980,it is a game that went on to become an icon of video game culture.Having played PACMAN,can you miss an opportunity to play it in real time using autobots???Here at WAVES,11 we give you an opportunity that is not even provided in the game!!You get to play as GHOST!!!.Dumbfounded??Baffled??

Well, then click here for more details
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