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Wanted Web UI Graphic Designer


Aspiring Novelist

Some people and I, are starting a web based product/portal of our own. It is going to be networking based. We need around 7-8 pages designed, just the user interface with controls and lay out. Also colors, gradients and logos would be your work. No programming is required here, but excellent expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CSS, HTML. We will provide the basic concept/product theory and layout framework, then your creativity as a GD should kick in and you create the pages. Of course there has to be scope for multiple back and forth iterations.

What I would initially need:

1. Some samples of work you have worked on. Should be greater than 80-90% your work.
2. Your experience levels in Adobe Photoshop, DW, CSS, HTML.
3. Location.
4. Charging model. Will you charge per hour, or per page. I will not negotiate around this. Either we like the price or we do not, since we are not sure of industry standards. But please be frugal and honest, cause this is a personal venture for us, not related to our professional work environment.

If we narrow you down as a suitable candidate:

1, We can meet if in NCR.
2. Telephone conference if outside NCR.
3. We can share the idea with you, show some basic thoughts we have.
4. We will require strict confidentiality regarding our concept.

Let me know, here, or via PM.

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