1. C

    Need Thermal Paste for CPU/GPU in Delhi NCR

    I am urgently looking for good quality new/used Thermal paste like arctic silver, cooler master, deep cool, noctua, IC diamond etc. in Delhi NCR region. I am not able to find in local shops, don't have time to go Nehru Place. Just few grams would be enough.
  2. S

    [Want to Buy] ICO/SOTC HD Collection [PS3]

    1) Mint Condition for disc, manual, box 2) NCR Deal preferred. Do send me a pm as well pls.
  3. asingh

    Wanted Web UI Graphic Designer

    Hi... Some people and I, are starting a web based product/portal of our own. It is going to be networking based. We need around 7-8 pages designed, just the user interface with controls and lay out. Also colors, gradients and logos would be your work. No programming is required here, but...
  4. C

    broadband ISP in NCR

    Can you help selecting a new broadband connect in NCR and to be specific in Noida. Main usage will be at night, so speed at night should be atleast 1MB/s or 512KB/s. Can do if its limited at day but should be unlimited at night. Is there any other perhaps any new ISP other than BSNL for such a...
  5. S

    Anybody from Guwahati coming towards ncr?

    Pls pm me.. need some assistance..
  6. W

    NZXT Gamma:is it really vfm for its real price for most?

    i know NZXT Gamma is a good cabinet but my question is this:is it really vfm?first of all almost everyone here misquotes Gamma as ~2k cabinet which is not true for anyone outside mumbai getting it from primeabgb.they are the only one who sell NZXT cabinets online as a trustworthy source.the...
  7. A

    Where to buy BluRay-RW in NCR?

    Hello Friends, Anyone here know where can I buy a BluRay-RW in NCR? They are available in and but I didnt find in Nehru Place. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks Akhil
  8. M

    any online computer site from NCR

    I'm looking for NCR based online website i.e. , if any of you guy know please reply
  9. redtiger

    Nvidia 8500GT@1500 INR

    I want to sell my nvidia 8500GT @1500 INR. Prefered ncr Other through ebay.
  10. G

    Query for Summer Training

    sorry if I am asking at wrong place. Is any one can advice me summer training in NCR. I m in vi sem computer science
  11. T

    plz plzz solve this prob?

    i am 2nd year student in computer i want to training in vacation. but i dont know where n how? so advise me plzz some company in NCR region (specially in faridabad). and also give the procedure to apply. plzzzzzzz
  12. L

    Nokia 3220 Charger

    Nokia 3220 Charger for sale! Any takers? Location: NCR
  13. esumitkumar

    Best internet data modem/card in NCR ?

    Hi all I want a internet data card for surfing from my laptop in NCR region (delhi) ..can somebody suggest me out of TATA,Reliance or Airtel which is the cheap n best ? Please also tell about monthly prices/plan Thanks Sumit PS: one more question : is there any roaming type funda in this...
  14. L

    128mb Sdram

    used 128MB SD RAM for sale It's under life time warranty, good condition & have the original bill to claim warranty if needed. Prefer someone in NCR region to save courier cost. I can bear maximum of Rs.50 as courier charges for outside NCR.
  15. esumitkumar

    airtel mobile office ? any review ?

    hi in my office all investing sites are banned i wanna take GPRS on my mobil e..hows airtel MO and its surfing speeds for icicidirect,sharekhan etc during trading hrs (10 am -4 pm) in NCR Delhi region can anybody tell me abt their plans TIA Sumit
  16. esumitkumar

    cheap n best GPRS service in NCR

    Hi I just bought E6 ..and I had used Idea GPRS on it is so bakwass so bad speed ...and ..charging 2 paise /KB so high rates ..can anybody suggest me gud GPRS operator with good speed and low charges..i need to use icicidirect,gmail,yahoomail and orkut ....... Please tell a good operator...
  17. gaurav_indian

    Delhi boys!

    hehe after the successful "Dudes from Bangalore" thread here comes "saaddi dilli" and NCR da thread.:D
  18. R

    sony ericsson p990i for sale

    5 months old sony ericsson p990i....wid box and ol the orignal accessories supplied....also giving along 2gb memory stick worth rs.1800.....its a great steal for rs.15000......only intrested in selling in delhi and ncr....plz dnt ask me to courier or anythng....for furthur details contact...
  19. P

    Price of Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT

    hey can anyone tell how much will Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT and similar graphics card will cost in delhi and ncr...and from where i can buy them.
  20. C

    Nokia 6233

    Hi, does anybody knows the best deals of 6233 in delhi NCR? where to get nehru place ? Gaffar?
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