1. U

    have you got your digit

    have you got your digit magzine please report here also i cant find sub forum for digit magzine
  2. A

    What do you think about Digit's Customer Support

    Hello friends, I am facing this problem twice in this year. First in July and second time now:(. I want to share few words about digit's customer care. I haven't recieved my magzine up to now, and it's the last date of this month and also of July i have recieved magzine on first Sunday of...
  3. A

    help me to read digit regularly

    hi,i m a digit reader. digit makes my pc like super computer with updated softwares and my mind too that why i like a days my pc suffering from strange problem that gives a break to my routine magzine reading.The problem is that some of new digit dvds are not running in my pc. here is...
  4. Ricky

    is it that Sony DVD writer can't play Digit Dvds ?

    I have Sony DVD RW DW-Q120A, I had bought it but never really used it a lot Also I am not buying Digit or any other magzine from long time but it happened to me from last 2 months that I decided to buy Digit and few other magzine.. Sadly, last month I baught digit and two other mag...
  5. A

    how much of you like it

    I want to ask you how many of you like giving of don movie by digit magzine. I didn't like because digit is tech magzine not a movie so I think the should give a software cd or dvd.
  6. azzu

    Want Vista

    Hi my frnd has appropriate hardware requirements for vista but he dont a internet connection so, he wants a full trail of windows vista (DVD) is this possible.if yes where can he get it i mean any MAGzine ......he lives in A.P(andhra pradesh) eluru for me UBUNTU is best And...
  7. A

    Didn't get my magzine yet

    Hey digit people I didn't get my march issue yet. Can you tell me what to do?????
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