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W550i + AIRTEL GPRS wap settings

Discussion in 'Mobiles and Tablets' started by meetashwin_16, May 2, 2006.

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  1. meetashwin_16

    meetashwin_16 New Member

    May 20, 2005
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    hello to all forum members,
    I want to share my problem with all of u.Plzz anybody is having a solution or any idea abt it plzz post it here or PM me.I am describing my problem as below.
    I recently purchased new SE W550i(needless to say it`s awesome piece with fair price & choosed by reading many opinions & reviews given in this forum).OK Also I bought new AIRETEL PREPAID sim with LIFETIME subcription & activated GPRS on that.
    For mobile setting I sms to 501 many times but since there is no reply I manually create new Internet profile & give APN(Access Point Name) as airtelgprs.com.No more details r not filled like username & pass.be blank.No proxy.No sec.account.& connect to PC via Bluetooth,now i am able to surf on net but found connection very weak also heavy sites also not appearing
    at all.Main observation is when I try to download thru Rapidshare(free region).It is saying ur IP is already downloading a file.Try later.When I checked connectn details there i found Server IP as 0.00.00& client IP as 10. something.I guess u guys r understanding my problem or found my mistake.
    I want to ask whether my setting r missing somewhere?also whether i have to set IP if yes then where ?& Whether Airtel sets each customer its own ip or not?Bytheway I registered my cell on SONY site also & request setting for wap they also have to sent sms to me but I have
    not yet received any sms from them.
    Anybody is having this cell plzz post the setting here & also give soln on IP problem.
  2. saiaspire

    saiaspire Guest

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