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Friends today i downloaded the Vista SP1 upgrade file from Microsoft.
Now i want know that how do i integrate the file to my Vista RTM DVD so that whenever i download it SP1 is also installed . I know about vlite is there any other software.



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according to link i given you need:
1. vLite installer
2. sp1
3. vista DVD
assume you already have vista dvd.
you can find sp1 in digit or chip DVDs.
just download vLite, if you not have.

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Try this for the unattended part Vista Unattended Guide
I think in vLite there is an option to intregate the SP files, or else try the command line switch on the setup file of the SP1 file and integrate it on to your cd if you don't want to use vLite, for more help try using the command line /? to further know about it..
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