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Vista Activation????

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Legendary Darknight
Hey i keep reinstalling my windows Vista... so i had to keep activating it again after each reinstall that to by calling the microsoft call center... is there a way to save my activation info so that i donot have 2 activate it again and again....


yaar, the method u are asking for would be illegal.

u can do activation over the net if u dont want to call cc.


In the zone
Tally Accounting Software can be uninstall and install, over internet infinite times on different system (provided successfully uninstalled over net), not in the case of Vista.

- I observed, may be incorrect, pls post views.


Cyborg Agent
dude u dont need to reinstall it again and again

after installing vista and installing some software and make a ghost image, preferably with nortan ghost and restare the inmage when u wanna reinstall
it will get you back to when u created the image


In the zone
vista is nagging.
it is something like working in a very high security environment..... always keep showing u r id card or else access denied.
@latino ansari
why dont u check form askvg.com , the method to extend the vista trial by 120 days


Legendary Darknight
I read in digit(Some Past issue) that there is some method in XP through which we do not need to activate the windows again and again... Isn't there any such method for vista....

And about making image with Norton Ghost... is the software free or suggest any other software using which we can make the image....

And my vista came with my laptop so its an OEM version and it doesnt gets activated over the net... i have 2 call each time i reinstall....


Broken In
if its a same system why u need to reinstall ?? why not take a image of a clean activate installation and just restoring the image later on :D
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