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Virus / trojan / malware problem.

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Broken In
Myproblem: My system is infected with some virus or a trojan. Also, i was not able to set the "Show hidden files" in folder option & i feel it is related to my problem.
Detail: In all my drives, there seems to be 2 files with attributes: S H R

File 1: autorun.inf
File 2: m0vnonh.bat
MZÉ ♥   ♦       ╕       @                                   8☺  ♫▼║♫ ┤  ═!╕☺L═!T
his program cannot be run in DOS mode.
$       ↨å ¬SτN∙SτN∙SτN∙SτO∙┘µN∙ÉΦ‼∙PτN∙ÉΦ↕∙RτN∙ÉΦ►∙RτN∙ÉΦA∙VτN∙ÉΦ◄∙ÄτN∙ÉΦ.∙WτN∙
ÉΦ¶∙RτN∙RichSτN∙                        0Ç?'tßQttßQttßQttßPtCßQt≈Θ♀tsßQtr┬ZtwßQt
[The 2nd file does not have anything understandable]

Whenever i double click on the drive my KAV informs me that m0vnonh.bat is doing some malicious activity & asks me what to do. I had to use the explorer to access the data on my drives.

I have KAV 2009 with latest updates & it failed to detect the virus. I tried Bitdefender, McAfee online scan but they did not succeed.:?

I had to go to safe mode & then remove the read only attributes, delete the contents of the file(not the file itself coz when i del the autorun.inf, its back the next instant:mad:), add the read only attribute. My system is stable for the moment but i still need a proper solution. There seems to be some process which copies back autorun.inf file as soon as it is deleted.

Any help will be appreciated.
Not open for further replies.
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