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video out ( s-video connector) problem

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i have NX7300GT card and x200 onboard chipset.
and an analogue TV.

TV have composite ports for video, while NX7300GT has S-Video Connector.and x200 has a composite out.

my problem is how can i connect my PC to my TV?
i heared that s - video out can be converted to composite TV out.is it true?

also, can i use the x200's TV out while still using my GFX card?

please help


aka. ViKiD?
i dont think u can do that unless ur chipset manufacturer and gfx card manufacturer are the same.....but u can get a sv-video t6o composite connector from the market for less than 50 bucks.

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1 Use an 'S- video to composite convertor' and then connect TV-PC using 'cable for composite video ' . It is the lowest priced cable . The composite video stdd. is the lowest as it uses single line as opposed to multiple conductors .

2 U will have to set DRIVER CONFIGURATION of ur gphx card to enable ur TV as a secondary display device .

Man I sincerely suggesst u see CHIP Dec. issue . Nd tell me how u r njoyin movies on TV ;)
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