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  1. sam9953

    Please identify this wire.

    Hi guys please help me in identifying what do you call this wire, I need to put it up for sale: How much does it cost? Also what is the cost of a composite cable?
  2. O

    VGA To TV (Composite Cable)

    Dear friends, Recently, I bought a VGA to Composite cable for one of my CPU to connect it to TV. My mobos are: 1) MSI Amethyst-M with ATI Radeon Xpress 200 graphics. 2) MSI 785GM-E51 with ATI Radeon HD4200 graphics. I tried to connect both of my CPUs with this cable to my Panasonic...
  3. S

    Pioneer 12" Car sub-woofer + Box

    I'm selling my less than a year old woofer+box reason being that I placed a 60 ltr lpg tank in place of the box. Hence its lying in my room of no use. willing to sell both + woofer for Rs.2000. Local pickup only. Pioneer TS-W301R 12" 4-OHM Component Subwoofer Component...
  4. C

    s video cable

    well I wanna watch movies on mah TV using Geforce 5300 ( which has 4 pin S video o/p), de prob is mah TV has only 3 rca & conventional composite i/p & no S video i/p. So lookin for s video to 3 rca or composite video cable, can u guys help me .where can I get it in mumbai ,preferably nearby...
  5. m-jeri

    Which LCD 22" or 20"

    guys..help me...ok.... I am eyeing on a 22 incher....primaril..gt a quote for AOC for 12K.... but dunno abt its quality...my usage is gaming and movies.... i would have prefered with composite inputs...but price may go up...my limit is 15K..... heard abt these two... Samsung 932NW...
  6. Rockstar11

    How can I connect my DishTV to my PC (tv tuner card)?

    Hello i want to connect my dishtv to PC (tv tuner card) i have Dishtv Zenega CD-1004iS receiver and my TV tuner card is Compro VideoMate DVB-T300. maine Composite in (yellow pin) se dishtv receiver to TV tunner try kiya video aa raha hai.. :) lekin Audio In ke liye kya karoon?? Help please...
  7. vwad

    TV Capture Card for Recording from VCR !!

    Hello, I need ur help friends I want to buy a Video Capture Device like Tuners but I want to mainly record from my VCR since I plan to dispose off all my old VHSs but want to save them to my HD before I do so. I want USB box/card/cord for the same. I dont want PCI ones. I mainly...
  8. kool

    i've 3 question2ask u... TV-TUNER, REMOTE, MONITOR,

    Dear friends, 1** i've internal INTEX tv-tuner card. It has 3 input source that are: TV, COMPOSITE, S-VIDEO. i want to know that what is the use of COMPOSITE and S-VIDEO?? 2** Is it possible to use any color TV set as monitor for my pc?? if yes, how?? 3** i've intex tv remote, which...
  9. blackleopard92

    video out ( s-video connector) problem

    i have NX7300GT card and x200 onboard chipset. and an analogue TV. TV have composite ports for video, while NX7300GT has S-Video Connector.and x200 has a composite out. my problem is how can i connect my PC to my TV? i heared that s - video out can be converted to composite TV out.is it...
  10. blademast3r

    Connect TV to Pc

    On this page I'll show you the possibilities on how to connect you PC to your TV-set. There can be several reasons on why to connect a PC to a TV, but I think the most important one is to playback movies in either DivX, VCD, SVCD or DVD format on your PC and showing it on TV. Naturally...
  11. K

    Connecting TV to PC

    Hey I have Bought a 7600GS I wanna connect my TV to my card I was successful in connecting it to the tv I am able to watch videos But Problem is that I am not able to hear the sound from my TV Instead It comes from the computer. I have connected It using a composite cable as my tv is abit...
  12. V


    I have purchased MSI 482M2-IL MOBO. It has a TV connector which has 2 types of TV out : composite and other s-video. I have a TV with composite video in and not s-video :( Now i am in dilema about which type of cable to use to connect to my television. I know that as the TV has...
  13. E

    pctv , capturning using composite not working (URGENT)

    Plesae help me to capture using composite input...i ve tried to search for channels and found nothing , but when i connected to the rf it worked .. iam using pinnacle card for viewing i need to capture from vcr video out put ...URGENT....
  14. Vyasram

    S-Video To composite Cable

    I have a XFX 6600GT card which has a s_video out port. But my TV only has support for composite cables. Is there any adapter through which i can convert the svideo output into composite . My TV is at a distance abt 6m from my pc . So i'd also like buying a composite cable abt 6m. Where can i...
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