1. blackleopard92

    video out ( s-video connector) problem

    i have NX7300GT card and x200 onboard chipset. and an analogue TV. TV have composite ports for video, while NX7300GT has S-Video Connector.and x200 has a composite out. my problem is how can i connect my PC to my TV? i heared that s - video out can be converted to composite TV out.is it...
  2. ssk_the_gr8

    vital desktop 1.42 not workin

    vital desktop 1.42 not workin i have windows xp sp2 amd athlon 64 3500+ msi rs482 m2-IL with onboard graphics (ati x200) guys have u'll encountered this problem plz help
  3. Kalyan

    nokia or samsung???

    Hi there... i decide to buy a phone around 5k and pc connectivity is needed. i now have to choose between nokia 6030 and samsung sgh x200. please suggest me which is better. i have heard and seen many samsung and other phones have a lot inferiority with nokia in terms of battery...
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