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Hey All.. There's some kinda virus that's gotten into my iPod.. Whenever i double-click on my iPod drive (F:), An error screen opens up saying - Can not find script file "F:\NewVirusRemoval.vbs" & I have to right click->explore to open up my iPod.. The AntiVirus (AVG Free Edition 8.0) didnt detect any virus innit.. Plz help me anyone! :confused:


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Me too got affected by that earlier............use Avira/AVG to delete that......If not then try deleting in safe mode........

Better option is back it up and format
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It's a trojan, disable 'Hide System files' and delete the autorun.inf and whatever exe file is there. Also, do the same for all the partitions o your hard disk.

Open your registry: Run ->regedit, then:

Open registry, goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Run. See if any values exist for the vbs file and remove them.

Repeat for RunOnce, RunOnceEx.

Next goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOftware, Microsoft, WindowsNT, CurrentVersion, WinLogon and remove any keys which have the vbs file as reference.

Do this in safe mode.
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