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Used motherboard for P4 3 GHZ processor with hyperthreading


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Hi everybody, Am looking for an used motherboard for my P4 3.0 GHZ processor. The existing motherboard is an intel D865BGF with DDR400 (3) 512MB Ram 2 sticks. Hope somebody has a compatible motherboard. Please advise on any alternative motherboards that can be used for the same processor.

Location: Mangalore
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you can check out Zebronics.net and get the 945 Mobo with x16 Slot for Rs.2xxx

Use the contact us option from the website and contact them.

BTW please let me know the quality of the board.



As far as i know D865GBF is using Socket 478 for processor and Ram is of DDR1 support and 945 Mobo is using LGA775 processor and Ram supported is DDR2 so 945 motherboard will not work for u. As it is difficult to find brand new board that support old Socket 478 processor. So upgrade ur motherboard, ram and processor


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please check this link from Zebronics.


The one from Zebronics is a 478 mobo with 945 Chipset in it.

The difference would be a PCI-E x16 Slot and DDR2 (max 2GB)

I would recommend to go for 945 from Zebronics because of good features and price(Rs.1850)

If you add a 9400GT or GT210 it becomes HD capable and Windows Vista and 7 Ready.


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I have got an Intel 945 motherboard.
It has got a PCIe x16 slot .

I can sell it to you for Rs.1800.


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Intel 945 New with 1 year warranty for about 1800RS and Intel 845 New with 1 year warranty for about 1550 Rs.Let me know
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