1. R

    Advise for Speaker System

    Heyy Everyone, Need a bit of suggestion. I am planning to by a Speaker system within a budget of 20K. Must be able to connect to TV (HDMI / optical/ coaxial or 3.5 mm auxiliary connections) and bluetooth. Looks for a some good options. I zeroed into a few devices but still need feedback /...
  2. P

    Advise 18.5/ 19.5 Monitor

    Hi, I am looking for buying a monitor 18.5 or 19.5 inch for office desktop. 1. Budget - 5k to 6k 2. Display type and size - LED & 18.5 or 19.5 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor - Monitor 4. Ports Required - VGA or DVI 5. Preferred choice of brand - Nothing specific 6. Any TV/monitor in...
  3. P

    k3 note vs zenfone 2 laser

    I am pretty confused between Lenovo k3note and ASUS zenfone 2 laser. I want a good camera under my 10k budget and these are the best options available but i am just stuck up at this ooint. Could someone please advise me which one will be better considering all features daily uses ease and...
  4. V

    Gaming PC Config

    Hi All, I am planning to make the following rig myself Component Model & Specification Price (INR) --------------------------------------------------------- Processor Intel 3.4 GHz 4690K i5 4th gen 17300 MotherBoard ASRock Z97 Extreme3 MB 10400 Graphics Card Gigabyte Nvidia GtX 970...
  5. B

    Display Issue Please Advise

    While using my system i am seeing that the display in my Monitor is going off for a few seconds and then again turning on. This phenomenon is being repeated for a gap of 1 or 2 hours while using my system.I am using a Dell S2240L monitor and has already called the DELL Customer Care for monitor...
  6. B

    How to Erase Data from HDD

    Hello i am going to sell my HDD so just wanted to make sure that there are no Data on my HDD. Please advise whether just Formatting the Drive will be sufficient or i have to do anything else to be sure ?
  7. W

    Legal Advise required. Being Spammed by

    Hi, I had registered for a Naukri profile and had provided my email. Since i noticed i did no longer require it, I had later decided to close my account. I did not find an option that could even deactivate let alone close my account. I mailed them, they suggested I change my visibility...
  8. I

    Advise on external HDD which is reliable and safe

    Hi all, I am planning to buy external Hard disks to ensure safety of my data. My requirements are basically of those which i can good ASS (Hopefully i never want to need that) and those which are reliable and durable for long term purpose. Basically i want to copy data and forget it...
  9. S

    Advise on buying Ram module

    I am thinking of buying a 2gb ram module for my laptop. But after doing a deep research. I found out that ram's should match the previous ram for max performance. As i am not aware of what memory frequency and cas latency is, i am leaving this to u. Below are my Ram specifications... Please...
  10. webdesigncut

    Benq/AOC/LG/dell 18.5" -budget 6k-- which one to buy ?

    hello friends, my lg monitor has most probably stopped working.. not sure it will get fixed or not so i am looking for some advise on buying 18.5 budget around 6k
  11. root.king

    PSU dying?

    Can you guys please advise, is my smps dying :( :confused:
  12. S

    bsnl 2g or 3g

    hi all. i am gonna get a bsnl sim for data access only. shud i go for a 2g sim and convert the connection to 3g later or get the 3g sim directly? could someone plz advise? i'm in the kolkata circle of bsnl.
  13. lakeport

    Btech from Delhi university

    Hi guys all my engg entrance exams have been declared. I have not been selected in any of them except UPES dehradun. :( Now i am thinking of doing Btech from Delhi University. Can someone advise me about it? How is it...? Also can i apply for Btech and BA both? Because if i dont get Computer...
  14. A

    Planning to buy 10 PSP games... Advise...

    I am planning to buy 10 PSP games.. I am buying it for my little bro as I am going to give him my PSP when I visit him this summer ... So far I have -All God of war games -All Metal Gear Solid games -Most of the popular Final Fantasy games -Dej Jam -Tekken 6 -WWE R vs SD 11...
  15. S

    Best buy assembled pc for 3d rendering

    Hi, I am an architect and currently using dell 1520 Core2 Duo T7250 2GHz, 2gb RAM with GeForce 8400M GS 1Gb Dispaly adaptor. I have to upgrade to a desktop as the laptop is too slow for what i intend to do. I am doing 3d rendering, graphics and a bit of animation. With very basic knowledge...
  16. K

    Lenovo U410 and Samsung NP530U4C

    Iam planning to buy one of the 2 ultrabooks Lenovo U410 Samsung 5 Series NP530U4C Please advise me in choosing the best among them
  17. V

    new lapi

    laptop for 40k with os loaded wifi and graphic card, advise which co. i should go for, somebody suggested to go with dell i5,is it ok?
  18. A

    Anyone here using LOD with ipod classic

    My questions are: 1. Is a good quality Lod available in INDIA online or in BANGALORE, HYDERABAD.? If yes, which brand? 2. Which DAC/amp combo are you using presently. Please advise me on the same. I have Fisher Audio Silver Bullets, Koss Porta Pro, and Soundmagic E30 as primary ear/headphones.
  19. aditya_dahunk

    Best place to sell Graphics card(AMD 6850)

    Hi guys i need help from you fantastic ppl.... I bought this card last year but now i need to sell it off and get a new card. advise where to sell in nehru place???
  20. S

    Need suggestion for RAM upgrade

    Hello guys, I want to change my RAMs of 2x2gb 1333mhz kingston value rams(see signature) to higher frequencies of 4gb memory modules from Corsair Vengeance or the Gskill Ripjaws @1600mhz but i have doubts of whether they will be supported by my 785chipset motherboard. I need your advise and...
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