1. theserpent

    Comedy of errors creates bomb scare at Infosys campus

    Mangalore: Comedy of errors creates bomb scare at Infosys campus TROLL LOL LOL
  2. theserpent

    ISP's in mangalore

    Hey there can anyone please tell the isps avail in mangalore other than Airtel,Bsnl and Ask Reliance sadly doesn't provide wiredinternet here :(
  3. theserpent

    Users From Mangalore

    Hey are there any forum members from Mangalore? I guess only 2 people who live/used to live in and around mangalore are there in this forum 1)Sukesh 2Vignesh-Not in mlore anymore 3)Hellscreamer and i gues Cool PC guy also
  4. theserpent

    12 cities name to be changed

    Why cant they do something better than changing names of citys? Soon, 'Mangaluru' to be Official Name of Mangalore
  5. K

    15" TFT monitor

    I want to buy 15" used lcd monitor, I am from mangalore Price should be 1000-1200
  6. K

    overhead projector

    I want to purchase a overhead projector, within a price range of Rs 1200 Anybody have it please let me know, it should be in working condition I am from Mangalore Karnataka
  7. T

    Used motherboard for P4 3 GHZ processor with hyperthreading

    Hi everybody, Am looking for an used motherboard for my P4 3.0 GHZ processor. The existing motherboard is an intel D865BGF with DDR400 (3) 512MB Ram 2 sticks. Hope somebody has a compatible motherboard. Please advise on any alternative motherboards that can be used for the same processor...
  8. phreak0ut

    Coming to Mangalore. Digitians meet up?

    Hi guys, I'll be coming to Mangalore on 22nd morning and leaving on 23rd night. Will be there for a wedding. I'm planning to meet any Digitians there. Anyone interested? :) I can check the thread here till 7.45pm. After that I need to leave to catch the bus. Start posting!
  9. M

    where to buy benq E2200 monitor?

    hi im from mangalore.. i want to know where i can get benq E2200 LCD in mangalore
  10. din

    Unofficial Mangalore Meet - Meeting NucleusKore

    Q : How many people are required for an un-offical ThinkDigit meet ? A : Two ! Well, it was planned just 1 day before. Called NucleusKore (The Doc in Mangalore who is an active member) at 10.30 night, and told him I am coming to Mangalore on Saturday. Reached there in the morning and he...
  11. Roadripper

    Geforce Fx 5200 AGP 128Mb 8X card

    Hi fellas any one interested in buying Ma Agp Card Geforce Fx 5200 AGP 128Mb 8X ..Pm me ... I am from Mangalore...;)
  12. A

    prices of games cd and DVDs

    can anybody tell me the price of PC games like NFS series,GTA series,any of strategy games i live in karnataka mangalore anybody know original game dealers in any part of karnataka pls give details...
  13. ancientrites

    chatrapathy shivaji international airport

    all of you heard it rite.To be honest this airport sucks and above all look at those custom officers waiting like hunters when the prey is coming nearer. Now my question is,is it necessasary that we should have custom officers at (arrival terminal)international airport.i feel pity most of us...
  14. ancientrites

    graphic card for sale

    leadtek winfast px6800gs tdh for sale 4000 only.its one year old now and two years left for its warranty.anybody interested pm me and i live in mangalore. the reason for selling is i bought a new graphic card 8800gtx.
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