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i hav a usb hub with 4 ports (for usb extension in my laptop) but whenever i connect the device the windows xp says usb not recognizable

please help.


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Not much power, I suppose. I've experienced that myself. If you're trying to connect it on a front USB slot, connect it to the back one.

EDIT: if you are using a VIA chipset, you need to get the fix for usb hubs. Check via website and microsoft updates.

If it still doesnt work, your motherboard prolly doesnt support hubs.


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what brand/make is the USB hub?
goto device manager and most probably u will see a question mark somewhere..uninstall the device..remove the device..and then install the driver if you could find from the above link or by googling...after installing.reboot and then connect the device to see what happen next..

by the way..does the hub works in other computers? if so then check out what the device is identified as


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Yeah. Just right click on usb device and uninstall and reinstall. Most probably you won't need to restart or insert cd.
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