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*urgent* Plz suggest a book on JAVA

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Our Priyam Malhotra is in need of *URGENT HELP*.
He has a JAVA exam tomorrow and hasnt studied a bit till now.

Can you guys help in finding an ebook that covers these topics?

  • summarize basics of java, OOP, classes, objects Bluej basics
    histroy of java
    javascript basics
    and basic javascript programming

Any help would be appreciated


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Herbert Schildt's book is massive, its called Java 2: A Complete Reference. Try reading it, but I found it impossible to glean any knowledge from it. :(


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^^^ +2 :?

Also what's the point of learning Java in a day? I understand that the guy has an exam and has to score. But thinking of it as a future perspective indeed you cannot learn to apply the Java in a day. You may learn the semantics but no more.
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If only for Exam, then you can also try this The Java Handbook, by Patrick Naughton. I used this book when we had Java in our 7th Semester Engg Subjects.

For Exams to prepare in a day or so this will be a good book.
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