urgent help to boot my pc

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I bought a cabinet for my PC with Antec 380W smps *www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=27380
I put mobo, processor, 22" monitor, 7600gt PSU in the cabinet with my hdd and dvd drive outside, and it worked fine. It booted the windows XP, and i was using it for an hour.
Then i put my sata hdd and dvd drive and all the wires into the cabinet and locked it. once everything is done, when i tried switchin on, the processor fan doesn't spin. There was power in the mobo with the led light glowing. Then when i removed the 4 pin cable connecting to mobo, the processor fan got triggered and runs for just 2 seconds and went off.
I took the mobo out of the cabinet and with the sata, it runs for sometime, some 5 minutes i guess, i feel the proc fan is running slowly. The processor fan is kind of unstable, it runs sometime and sometimes it doesn't. but it doesnt boot at all in any of these problems.

Please help me, its kinda urgent. Is it the SMPS i bought is of low watts or my mobo problem.

My pc config:
core 2 E6600 2.4 ghx
display adapter 7600gt to 22"inch monitor
2 gb ram
200gb sata



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Use this Power Supply Calculator to have a check on what Wattage your SMPS should be.

Also use this calculation for buying UPS
1 VA (UPS) = 0.6 Watts (SMPS)


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It sounds like a power problem in my opinion. Unless you’re going to have loads of drives, graphics cards and whatnot, you probably won’t ever go over 350W. Cheap no-brand power supplies will die on you (one exploded on me while I was playing Doom 3). Buy a power supply that’s somewhere between 350~500W from a well-known brand. I recommend Thermaltake. The cords are covered so they’re easy to manage and don’t get tangled, the cables are easy to remove (I’ve had plugs get stuck in devices before and it ain’t fun), and they include plugs for whatever device you have (I feel safer being able to plug my video card directly into the psu without an adapter). Anyway, I hope the problem’s as simple as that.
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