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Urgent help required!


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Hi guys! My laptop used to work perfectly fine until one day, it started lagging very badly. I re-started it but the problem persisted. I re-started it again and then it worked fine. After some time, it again started lagging. I checked up on TASK MANAGER and found CPU usage to be 100%! I suspected it was because of browser overload as I was using 3 browsers at a time. But even when I use 2 browsers, it occurs. Is the problem related to Firefox? It's not a virus as I have a fully licensed Norton Internet Security 2012. Please suggest me solutions as it lags pretty badly!

My Laptop Config:-
Dell Latitude E6410
CPU - Core i5 M 540 2.53GHz
RAM - 2.00 GB
OS - Windows 7 Pro (32-bit)


> do a virus check with updated anti virus, do a malware check with antimalware.
> are you using zonealarm firewall ?

from task manager > processes tab, can you tell what process is taking most cpu % ?


Right off the assembly line
I have NIS 2012, so I expect pretty high security.
TASK MANAGER lists the top 3 processes as chrome and firefox.


Follow these steps:
1. As icebags said, do a scan with latest updated antivirus
2. Defrag
3. Clean registry and temp using some cleaner such as ccleaner.
4. Use process explorer to find out which process is more using the cpu (the process explorer gives more details of the process such as vendor, so that you can decide to kill the process if it is not needed).
5. Give a clear title for your post regarding your problem. (Read the FAQ before posting) and avoid titles like urgent help, help please, because your post might be ignored.
Seems like virus as it was not solved after reboot. Update the anti virus definition first, alternatively you can try installing another AV.
Check which process is taking 100% CPU. Many times virus may modify known programs and would get listed as a valid executable.

Search for the process name and your observation on internet.
Search for known pattern(like accessing particular site, x number of tabs etc). If its repeatable then mostly its not a virus. Then follow cleaning steps like suggested.


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well i m not a pro at this but i don't think its a virus problem..
reasons..@ nikhilnayak said that his laptop is lagging it could be some kind of malfunction..
cuz what i don't get is how can he have problem with browser ...
i use a laptop too and its way old then yours plus 512 ram..and i m most of the time on net..
i too use Mozilla firefox,chrome and utorrent and i never had the lagging problem...like say i m downloading a game and plus i m searching on net, chatting, and other stuff but never had a problem...from the looks of it i guess u have a new laptop and it must have warranty and stuff..my advice..
1.get it to a service center or something and get it checked it could be a bigger problem,then u think..
or use a older version browser


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As others have suggested do a recce of the processes either from Task Manager or from "tasklist" in cmd. Just because you have NIS does not mean your system is impenetrable.


Right off the assembly line
TASK MANAGER lists the top 3 processes as chrome and firefox.
I scanned with Malwarebytes, but found nothing at all!


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@ OP - can you post a screenshot ( while the laptop is lagging ) of the task manager with process tab opened.
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