Urban Terror - Fun Over Realism


Call me D_J!
DJ i request u...just pay Rs 100 more!! and believe me u wont imagine the extent till which u will get fun!! believe me bittu...yaar 100 ka toh hi baat hai..itna kanjus maat ban :D

Tum kyu nahi samajhte yaar.. Main abhi broadband nahi le sakta....Aur maine tumhe iska kaaran bhi bata diya tha.... :oops::p

Rural Terror

Broken In
|rocKet>dHr is pleased to announce the official dev version of the map ut4_knifearena_dev :p

It has improved textures and it is now correctly engineered and you can officially have 'fun' now. :p

Please enter :shock: in your respective consoles to connect to the server. :p
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