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  1. A

    Urban Terror Servers

    Guys are there any Urban Terror servers in India where anyone actually plays in them? There are 3 in India but only like 1-2 people play there at any time.
  2. Y

    Anyone here played "Project Fateh" (new 3d indian game)?

    I just came to know about a new game released by UTV IndiaGames Ltd. It is based on the 26-11 mumbai terror attacks. It is a 3d first person shooter and looks interesting. I got a slow internet connection, so It will take very long to download the game. But I want to read reviews about the game...
  3. toofan

    Monitor for Image Editing & Urban Terror

    Hello friends, I had been quite busy with my photography so lost the track of hardware market. Display in my 19" HPW1907 is getting black after 2-3 mins of pc booting. So its went for repairing. But now i am thinking of a new monitor. Budget: 10k--11k. Size: 22 to 24 inch. Purpose: Image...
  4. abhijit_reddevil

    Lahore court sets Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief free

    June 02, 2009 11:30 IST - Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed is a free man now. Arrested after the Mumbai terror attacks [Images], Saeed was released by the Lahore [Images] court on Tuesday. The United Nations has banned Jamaat-ud-Dawah after its involvement in the Mumbai terror attacks...
  5. Krazzy Warrior

    [DF] Tournament Of Terror - Urban Terror

    [DF] Tournament Of Terror - Urban Terror A am thinking of having a DF Tournament of Terror where the will be a cup (just like world cup :D,not real cup, play for fun) as an award to 1st,2nd and 3rd Winner... Here are the rules:- 1. Total there will be 3 round held between the rivals (one-one...
  6. NucleusKore

    Pact targets Pakistan terror link

    They are finally realising !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7782125.stm Three-quarters of the most serious terror plots being investigated by UK authorities have links to Pakistan, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said. He was unveiling a £6m ($8.9m) deal...
  7. Krazzy Warrior

    How to higher my FPS ??

    Hi Gamers, I am addicted to URBAN TERROR <-- Multiplayer ..I am just rocking in it:D..I am very happy that I get pings around 150 but still high but I can manage but nowdays I am facing a weird problem I usually get around 50 FPS but whenever I go to any area very fights are most often some...
  8. T

    Why IMEI no is required?

    Hello friends after a long time i am visiting the forum. But thats not imp at all. I have a confusion... I have read in the newspaper that in order to trace the terror accused the police require the IMEI no of the handset incase of a terror attack. According to police since the terrorists use...
  9. hansraj

    is there a loop hole in tackling these hoax terror emails???

    All of us know that now a days these terrorists have started sniffing out for unsecure wireless connections so that they can use someone elses ip for sending these terror mails. When caught its the owner of the wireless who gets caught. I have a doubt that why dont these guys use the avalable...
  10. MetalheadGautham

    Urban Terror - Fun Over Realism

    Urban Terror - Fun Over Realism Urban Terror Introduction: Urban Terror is a game based on the quake3 engine. Initially, it was a complete conversion mod for quake3 and you needed the original quake3 game to play it. Now, due to the fact that the quake3 engine has been GPLed(see my...
  11. praka123

    US would invade Pakistan if the need arises

    'US would invade Pakistan if the need arises' Press Trust Of India Washington: Criticising the Bush administration for its counter-terrorism policies, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said he would invade Pakistan to eradicate terror cells if there were actionable intelligence...
  12. M

    can play urban terror in single mode?

    this july month digit had given a game Urban Terror. its an online game. How can i play this game against BOTS????:confused:
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