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Urban Terror - Fun Over Realism


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yes, [MENTION=77264]Vyom[/MENTION] can host a server for us, I guess. ;)

In his Digital Ocean droplet? What are the system requirements for an Urban Terror dedicated server?

If it's not much, then even I can create a droplet and host on that.

According to this thread: Server system requirements - Urban Terror Forum

The system requirements are not much. One guy says that he is able to host a 24 player server on 2.4 GHz 2GB RAM server.

I just saw that the 2GB RAM droplet costs $20 per month. We could try with a smaller 1GB RAM droplet or a 512MB droplet.

If enough people interested, I can host.


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Ico use to use my Droplet to host UrT back in the days. I even have the zip file of UrT on my Droplet. I have no issues with hosting the game. No need to get another server just for UrT. ;)


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Yeah, I have the latest version installed, and play on lowest ping server from time to time.

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anyone up for this?

I still play it with a few friends. We have a server in the Netherlands.
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