Unable to run Virutal PC on Win7!!! Help needed

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I wanted to run certain applications which are only compatible with 32 bit xp platform and i have 64 bit Win 7 installed. So i promptly went to this link


and downloaded the 64 bit set up. Installed and started using XP as virtual platform. However I noticed that the mouse behaviour was too sluggish so came back to the website and searched for solution. Suggested remedy was to download and install this update


Now it asked for a reboot and thereafter virtual pc failed to run showing me a window which said "This version of Virtual PC has compatibility issues with the operating system". I tried to change these compatibility settings but it just doesnt work in any of the setting.

Am I doing something wrong or is there actually no solution to this problem so far.


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1. Windows XP mode can only work on Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate.

2.If you have one of the above 2, then uninstall whatever virtual PC you have installed and get back to the original state.

3.Go to this site download Windows XP mode and Virtual PC from there and install them in that order.

You can now use Windows XP on the Virtual PC. Please go through all the documentation and familiarise yourself on its working. Good luck.
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