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Unable to install MS Office

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I had Office XP installed in my PC.When I got the CD of Office 2003,I uninstalled Office XP and tried to install 2003.
The trouble is that the installation is never completed.The system restarts automaticall in the midst of installation(mainly when values are written into the registry).I tried several times but no hope.

I tried to install back Office XP and to my dismay,it also fails to install.I'm getting crazy....I am unable to use my word and ppt files
What should I do?Plz help...
I am unable to get the task manager too.If i press Ctrl+Alt+Del,I get a message that the System Administrator disabled Task Manager.
But I am the admin! and I never did such a thing...
Plz help me soon...
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piyush gupta

Cyborg Agent
Problem is there with type of your account set

you set your account to limited account

now u can't open task manager
& can't u write values in registry

u need to change your login account type
to do so

Restart your computer in safe mode by pressing F8 at booting time

in safe mode login as default administrator account

change type of your account or create a account with admin rights

install which office you required

any queries always welcome
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