Unable to figure out Google Wave, youngster kills himself

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Internet has taken a toll on human life yet again. Dildar Leherwala, a 24-year-old MBA student from Faculty of Management Studies, MS University Vadodara, committed suicide yesterday night after spending two futile days trying to understand the features of Google Wave, a new social networking service by Google. An MS Word file titled ‘Suicide_note.docx’ found on his computer’s desktop has been taken as the conclusive proof. The note explains, with vivid desperation, the mental turmoil this young man had to go through while using Google Wave which led him to take this drastic step.

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LOL! at first i was like OMFG! i was just going to lol at the guy but after i checked kalpik post regarding source i am loling upon myself! :lol: :lol:


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can we send the site address to aak tak /star news / india news for further entertainment ??
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