TV Tuner Trouble

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First my Pc config...
p4 1.5,
256mb Sd ram,
40gb samsung,
52x24x52x Cd-RW ASUS,
Mercury 845 chipset based board p4vmm266
Fujitech FTV-878F TV Tuner

I have purchased a Tv tuner card Fujitech FTV-878F ... when i install the card i.e. all drivers and software it works fine but when i capture any video from cable the file that it gets saved to is about 90 MB for a 1 minute video clip .So i am unable to record more than a few minutes as it fills up my entire hard disk space... Can u help me with this... also when i install the software and view the help file the image that is there in the help file it shows a different image than what is actually there in the software application in the configuration settings of the VIDEO capture tab .i.e. in the screenshot of the help file there is an option to use a compressor/encoder... i have tried the card on different computer configurations but still no luck...Please help me

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hey look like either yoou are using high dvd format or uncompressed avi format to capture you video.....

Use some popular pvr software if your tvtuner capture card dont give you capture in standard foramt like mpg or mpg2.. i would recommend christv

also if u use windows system... which i think you do... then use windows movie maker2 and capture at rate of 1Mbps which roughly is equal to 15-25 mb per minute and very nice quality

if you are not novice then you can use virtualdub a free software for video editing and divx codec... or xvid codec which is free and then capture data and encode on the fly... then quality are very good when you see the filesize shrinkage


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try changing ur capturing format to mpeg 2.. its default in dvd format i guess. u can even try out sage tv recording software.......
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