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Tutorial: Part 2 of a Guide to Torrents for Total Newbies

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by facerape, May 13, 2006.

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  1. facerape

    facerape New Member

    May 13, 2006
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    This is the second part of this tutorial. The first was posted on this board by U2 who claimed to have written it. That was a down right lie. I made it and I want credit. Part one can be found here.

    As before I am not trying to impress all you k-rad 1337 people and I would appreciate it if you feel like adding any constructive criticism please do but don’t give me **** over this because you already know how to do it, some people don’t have any idea and they need the help.


    You should only download stuff you already own. Saying you didn’t know what you were doing is against the law is not going to get you let off if the cops come a knocking. The hacks that are described in the installing games section are only included so that you don’t have to risk damaging your disk by taking it out of its box and putting it in the tray every time you want to play a game you already own.


    Maximum number of connections

    If you are getting torrents which are supposed to have hundred maybe even thousands of seeds and peers yet only connecting to 10 then there is something you can do.

    If this is occurring then it is most likely due to the fact you are running Windows XP service pack 2 with autoupdate on so you have everything as up to date and as a secure as possible. This is a problem because a while back Microsoft decided that they would impose a limit on the maximum number of TCP/IP connections you can have to 10 (that’s the number of people who can send you info over the net if you didn’t know). The reason Microsoft did this is to prevent worms from spreading by connecting to loads of people at once. The objective of torrents is to connect to as many people as possible in order to get data from them. This change means you are limited to connecting to 10 people at once maximum.

    What you need to do is to modify you TCPIP.SYS file to increase the max number of connections to a larger number. The recommended value for torrents is 50. I however would go with 50 per Mega Bit of your internet line. So if you have a 2mbit connection you want to set it to 100. There are two ways you can do this. The first is to actually find the file, open it in notepad and physically change it yourself (which is risky and dangerous) or you could use this lovely little hack which has been produced so that you from the guys at www.lvllord.de (recommended). All the info about applying the hack and how it works is displayed on this site. Go read it and it should speed up your downloads.


    Now there are lots of people about who have more than one computer on their home network who know nothing about ports. If you only have one computer then you can skip the next 2 paragraphs if you want but it might be a good idea to read them anyway.

    Every computer has an IP which is broken down into a collection of ports. These ports are used by your computer to send out and receive information. Each program has a group of ports assigned to it and it sends data on these specific ports so that its info doesn’t get tangled up with all the other data that is sent by the other programs on the computer. Now one of the things which you need to do is something called port forwarding. What this does is it tells your router (which is the box that connects all you computers together) which ports are to be used by which programs on which computer. In order to do this you need to set up a static IP address on each of your computers. This is easy but the best way to do it is to follow this walkthrough. Static IP tutorial from www.portforward.com.

    After you have set up your static IP you need to forward your ports. The easiest way to do this is to go to your router and find out what make and model it is. Then visit the port forwarding tutorial and choose your router from the list that they have. If the specific model is not on the list you should pick one from the same manufacturer because it will most likely be running very similar firmware. Then select your torrent client from the list of programs and follow the instructions. It is advisable to do this for every program that you have on your computer so that the router knows what is happening.

    One of the many things which are being done to discourage the use of torrents is that your ISP is limiting the amount of data which you can receive on the ports used by all bittorrent clients. The way bittorrent works is you have a listening port which is randomly assigned a port between ports 6881 and 6999. This is a default property of bittorrent and needs to be changed. It is highly likely your ISP is heavily reducing the rate of data transfer to any ports within this range. Simply change your listening port of your client so that it is not within these port ranges and your downloads are free to go as fast as your connection can take the data.


    Info on your download

    Most people who use torrents do so in order to get movies and in my last guide I explained the file types and categories of encoding. It is however a great way to get hold of games. If you want to download the latest game and play it online against others such as multiplayer quake then you should just go and pay for the game. It is not possible to hack any modern game to let you play over the internet so don’t even bother trying. Yes it can be done by leet hack saws but any public codes and hacks are going to get patched pretty fast by the developers so these generally don’t get made publicly available. Remember the point in this is to provide back ups of things you already own not to steal copyrighted information.

    Now games can come in a variety of ways. In almost all of them they are composed into a collection of rar files. This is a very common form of archiving of data

    These are essentially archive files so that the single larger file is broken down into many smaller files. This helps prevent loss of large chunks of data if you get corruption which is sometimes inevitable. To use the files contained within these archives you need to download a copy of WinRar which is free from somewhere like here. When you download these multiple .rar files you will get a file called nameofgame.rar and a bunch of files called nameofgame.r00, nameofgame.r01, nameofgame.r02 etc. You need to extract the .rar file not any of the .r00, .r01, r02 etc files as they wont work. If there is no .rar file at all then open the first numbered .r00 instead and it should all work.

    Once you have extracted your rar into a folder you are likely to have a collection of files. If you downloaded a plain direct rip of the CD or DVD that the game comes on then you are most likely going to have a file called a .iso. This is an image file and represents a copy of the data on the disk. Other forms of image are .bin and a .cue file, .mdf and a .mds (both of which come in pairs), .img and .daa (these are a pain and need to be converted from daa to iso using a program like PowerIso which cost money so needs to be cracked like any game). These files can either be burned to CD or DVD or mounted in a virtual drive (more on that later). It is more common however to get an iso along with readme.txt (which is normally a good thing to read as it will give you any game specific instructions and often contains info such as serial keys and the location of any crack) and a folder named crack or something similar. If you download a “fixed iso” then that means that you have got an iso which contains the crack and or keygen in it.


    The first job you need to before you can apply a no-CD crack is to install the game. The easiest way to do this is to burn the file to CD or DVD and then install from the CD. The problem is some people don’t have DVD burners and might want to install games which are only available as DVD images so there are ways around this. What you do is you install a program such as alchol120% (link is for trial version only – if you want more than 30days you need a crack) or daemon tools (download the appropriate one for your OS. There are different versions for XP and XP64bit edition) which allows you to make virtual drives.

    Once you have installed these programs you need to go about setting up a virtual drive. Just follow the instructions on the screen as you do the install and you should have no problem. It is advisable to pick drive letters which are a good distance away from your current drive letters. As a general rule most people have a floppy disk as A: or B: then there primary hard disk as C: then a secondary hard disk or the first CD drive as D: then E: and F: are normally given to other CD/DVD drives. The simple solution is to pick drive letters at the end of the alphabet – I use X:, Y: and Z: and I still have no idea why I need 3 virtual drives but hey who cares 1 will do most people.

    Once you have your virtual drive program installed you need to mount you image file onto the virtual drive. I use alcohol and have never used daemon tools (although a couple of people I know swear its better and they do have the only working drive emulator for XP64 bit) so if your using that then work it out yourself. In alcohol what you do is you right click on the drive which you wish to install the game off of and select mount image. You then are taken to a window through which you can browse your hard disks to find any .iso files or .cue or .mdf files that you have. Then go to my computer and double click the disk and installation should occur as it would for any other game.

    Once this is done and installation has begun you will be asked for a CD key. In the original extracted rar folder you should find a readme.txt. This may contain a CD key or else it will tell you the location of a key generator. Most key generators are located either in a folder called cracks which will be in the same directory as the readme.txt or are on the CD image as in the case of a fixed image. In order to get to any crack located on the disk you need to go to my computer and right click on the disk. Then select explore CD. You are now looking for a folder called crack. In this you should find any necessary cracks and keygens you need. Run the key gen and copy down a couple of keys onto a piece of paper so that you can use them in the installation. Now enter them when the install routine asks you for them and continue with getting your game installed.

    Now you should have all the games files installed on your computer in a nice place like D:/Games/Game_you_just_installed/

    Getting the game to run

    Ok you have installed it all fine and you go to double click the shortcut for it and it doesn’t start. It most probably gives you an error message saying that the wrong CD is in the CD/DVD drive. Please insert the correct disk and try again. This is because you have not got a real CD. There are a couple of ways around this.

    The first is the installation of a no-CD patch. The way these work is you replace the game.exe file with one which has had all the lines of code which refer needing a real CD removed. These generally consist of another .exe file. When you install these you should always always rename the original .exe something like game_original.exe instead of game.exe before copying the fixed one into the folder. This is incase the fixed one doesn’t work. Now double click on the new .exe you just copied into the game directory and your game should run just fine.

    Some games will only work when you have the image file mounted in the virtual drive and so as soon as you change it they stop working. This means you have to keep the iso on your hard disk as well as the installed game. This can take up quite a lot of space anything up to 10gigs total. In order to get around this there are files called mini images or mini-iso’s which are shrunk versions of the true iso. The way these work is that when a game checks a disk for its authenticity it only reads certain sections of the disk and these images have only those parts but without any data. These can be readily downloaded from places like game copy world and are great if you didn’t get a no-CD crack with your game.

    Some manufacturers put fairly sophisticated protection on there games the worst of which is star-force. This can be cracked by using either the program star****er or antiblax both of which are available for download from here. Apparently daemon tools can overcome version 1, 2 and 3 of star-force but I don’t know about more current versions.

    If you any more problems with your installation then read the comments section on the site which you got your torrent from.

    Also it is generally not considered a good idea to download torrents which are just cracks. These have a nasty habit of ****ing with your computer. Download games that have cracks with them or get them from a trusted source. Also these things are not made by the nicest of coders so don’t come *****ing to me if your computer falls over and always run an up to date virus checker especially when you are installing something new or running a program for the first time.

    End stuff

    I wrote this so don’t pass it off as your own. You are welcome to send this out to people and pass it on to anyone you think might benefit from any of the information contained within. Feel free to put this on your webspace or do whatever the **** you want with it as long as you make sure that I get the credit for writing it.

    Have fun


    And once again props to Throwback for being my tech fall back when i cant work out what the **** is going on.
    Last edited: May 15, 2006
  2. abracadabra

    abracadabra New Member

    Sep 5, 2004
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    how culd this tutuorial support the idea of TORRENTS it mainly discusses the topic of GAMES only. stick to the main titile rather than deviating from it. anyways thnx for u r support also.
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