Top Ten Games You have ever Played


Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
(1) Half Life 2
(2) Half Life
(3) Urban Terror
(4) Super Mario Brothers
(5) Contra
(6) Braid
(7) Portal
(8) Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare
(9) World of Goo
(10) Half Life 2 : Episode 2

I haven't played many games I admit.
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Living to Play
1. Mass Effect series
2. Dragon Age Series
3. Fallout 3
4. Assassin's Creed Series
5. Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars
6. Splinter Cell Series
7. Dead Space Series
8. Prince of Persia Series
9. NFS Series
10. Bioshock


Burning in the skies
I am not gonna rank them, but here are my most love games.

-Half life (Whole series actually)
-GTA San Andreas and IV (whole series here too)
-Splinter cell 1st and Chaos Theory
-Mirror's Edge (I love this game)
-Fallout 3
-The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion
-Assassin's creed (only first one is making this list, second one was awesome too but it lost its novelty factor and i didn't 'loved' it)
-Deus Ex
-Dead Space (Most scary)
-Burnout Paradise
-Call of Duty 1st and Modern Warfare
-Mass Effect series
-World in Conflict
-Age of Empires (upto second part and its expansions)
-World of Goo
-Metal Gear Solid
-Counter Strike

I would like to add more but these are my most loved games ever. (I have a feeling, i will edit this one or two times)


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1) Contra
2) Mappy
3) Team Fortress 2
4) Urban Terror
5) Captain Claw
6) Age of Empires (whole series + Mythology)
7) Half-life series
8) F.E.A.R
9) Super Meat Boy
10) Mortal Kombat and Ninja Gaiden


Intel OCer
1.Assassins creed series of duty modern warfare series
3.GTA SA and 4
5.Rise of nations
6.Crysis 2
7.Super meat boy
9.Prince of persia series
10.F1 2010


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1. Silent Hill 2
3. Prey
4. Arkham Asylum
5. Assassin's Creed 2
6. Dead Space
7. Mafia
8. Prince of Persia series
9. Mass Effect
10. NFS Most Wanted


Your top 5 games

Vote your top 5 games now in your mind.
My top 5 is -
1] just cause 2
2] assassin's creed brotherhood
3] call of duty 6-modern warfare 2
4] gta 4
5] prototype
also many best games have but these are top in these days.


Re: Your top 5 games

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Living to Play
Re: Your top 5 games

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Broken In
Re: Your top 5 games

My Top 5 Games would be (Random order)
1. Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare ( the first one or COD4 MW)
3. Medal of Honor Allied Assault
4. Rise of Nations Thrones & Patriots
5. Fifa 11


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1. Colin Mcrae Rally series
2. Max Payne series
3. F.E.A.R.
4. Age of Empires (original)
5. Rise of Nations / Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots
6. Microsoft Train Simulator
7. No One Lives Forever 2
8. Return to Castle Wolfenstein
9. Dirt / Dirt2 / Race Driver:Grid
Last but not the least:-
10. A bunch of PopCap Games, particularly Bejeweled, Plants vs Zombies, Peggle, Bookworm, Seven Seas, and well... almost all.

Honorable mention:
A) Test Drive 6 :D Don't laugh though, it was the first game I've played, and it was fun will lovely soundtrack, you really feel like a racer.
B) Crysis / Crysis Warhead For me, all the 3 FPS I have ranked beat it.
C) Unreal Tournament 2004 For bombing run and CTF, my kinda football game ;)
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Aspiring Novelist
1. Kung-Fu (on NES).
2. Silk Worm.
3. Vigilante.
4. Mario.
5. Contra I.
6. GTA Vice City.
7. Bomber Man.
8. Dead Space.
9. TimeShift.
10. Killzone 3. (My first PS3 game).

Razor 1911

Broken In
1.Call Of Duty Series / Crysis Series
2.Halo Series
3.Alan Wake
4.Red Dead Redemption
5.GTA 4 / GTA Episodes From Liberty City
6.Assassins Creed Series
7.Gears Of War Series
8.Portal Series
9.Dragon Age Series
10.Mass Effect Series

quan chi

mortal kombat
1.Devil may cry 3
2.Resident evil 4
3.Call of cthulhu
5.Gta vice city
7.Hitman SA,contracts,BM.
8.Nfs underground2
9Tomb raider legend,anniversary
10.Call of duty MW series
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MV VIP to the MAX
My favourites :D -

1. Counter Strike 1.6
2. Age of Empires II
3. Bulletstorm
4. UT III (havn't played 4)
5. Assassin's Creed II
6. FIFA 09 (I loved 09)
7. PES 2011
8. Warcraft III
9. Call of Duty : Black Ops
10. Age of Empires III / Mythology
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