[Praise] Tirupati Enterprises : Excellent Service


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I just want to share my awesome experience which I had with these guys, the Tirupati Enterprises...

I had bought a G.Skill laptop RAM from Flipkart but found out that I had received a defective stick. From a bit of Googling I found out that there are only 2-3 G.Skill distributors in India and the stick which I bought was imported from Tirupati Enterprises.

I just sent an e-mail and I was asked to send the defective RAM to their Kolkata branch (I live in Mysore, Karnataka) along with the Flipkart invoice and I did the same.

I didn't call them even once, nor did I see/meet anyone from Tirupati Enterprises, but to my astonishment, the replacement was in my hand just 5 days later. They had despatched the replacement stick on the same day that the defective stick reached them. They didn't ask even a single question about anything. It was just fantastic..

I highly recommend buying your tech goods from them.


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Great peice of information. Looks like Tirupati has improved their service quality a lot.


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I've always had good experience with Tirupathi. Infact I try to buy hardware backed up by their warrantee ;)
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