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Tips and tricks went wrong?

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hello guys

i read the tips and tricks section of this month {september 2004 } digit on page number 60 there was tip for mozilla firefox...stated bet u didnt know.....where it was mentioned that we can change the name in the title window as our name or as my browser instead of mozila firefox,,,,i rea carefuly and backed up the foler which they told to back up and then made the changes as exactly they tl in the mag but it didnt work it all went wrong if i ouble click the icon it oesnt start a mozilla browser istea it shows a small pop up window....in which it sates,,,title="&maniWindow.title,"......so i thaought itz not working and replaced the backed up folder ,,,now also it shows the same pop up window i uninstalled the program an reinstaled but it dint work ,,,,

then i again uninstalled and removed the software registry keys using a registry cleaner and tried to install again the program installs but oesnt start only it starts with a pop up winow as tated above

i dont think this probem will b solved,,may b igit shoul solve this problem

so is there anyone who could find solution for this and help me

thanking every one


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I had the same problem when I tried to change the name.

Then I reinstalled and uninstalled Mozilla Firefox but it didn't help.

Then for a few days I switched 2 opera.

And afgter about 5-6 days, again I installed firefox and it worked fine.

Maybe you can wait for 5-6 days and the problem will be solved.
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