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Tiny Tutorial : How to disable Error Reporting in windows XP

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An Esoteric Geek
Hello guyz...

This is just about how to disable Error Reporting dialog that you get whenever a program crashes or we endtask through task manager.

Right Click on My Computer and click Properties. In the advanced tab, click on the Error Reporting button.

Select disable Error Reporting.

Newly Updated : You can also disable this service using services.msc

To do that.. Start -> Run -> Services.msc
find the service named "Error Reporting Service". Rightclick on properties and then disable it.

You can also customize the programs that allow error reporting...
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||uLtiMaTE WinNER||
knowiing already............
But u did great effort.............
Reps For U.......


An Esoteric Geek
Thanx for ur comments..
@batty - I have n't noticed it before.. i have included ur method too.. to make my smallest tutorial smaller :D
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