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Ok,I am not familiar with Arduino board.I assumed that "computer" in this case is different from Arduino & was used as a source to upload some kind of program to the board after which computer hdd was formatted.
Computer means PC normal one.. window OS
You can connect Arduino Nano to PC, create program/sketch through Arduino IDE, compile it, upload it to Arduino Nano through USB connection, after uploading no need for computer to run the program.


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Anyone here got experience using NDN/NFD on Rpi? Need some assistance in packet forwarding from ipv4 to NDN stack from one Pi to another.


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But he can't remember exactly values he put in code.
How one can retrieve programming from HEX codes?
hex are executable codes. getting the exact source code is not possible from them. but if you learned the datasheet and assembly instructions well, you will get the commands. good to know your friend retrieved the rough work.
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Just trying to get two RPi to forward requests correctly using NDN. Have had some progress but don't get enough time to do it lately.
If you dont mind answering few more questions, Is this your own project to learn new techs? How did you come to know about this ?
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