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The Nokia e90. The end of series 80?

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On paper the e90 seems to outshadow all of the the e series and 9000 series models, it even sheds the series 80 platform for symbian 9.x...... Is series 80 dead as we know it? Or do we need a press release like the ngage?


Yes S80 and S90 are both unofficially dead. Nokia will merge all their features in S60. Nokia doesn't want different sections and create confusion. Instead they merged everything into one and will concentrate on that only.

Crazy Kidd

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Its more practical to combine them isn't it. But didn't know they existed. I thought S60 is the only version. Thanks for informing.. ;) ;) :) :)

Forgot to tell that I knew about Series 40.
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s90 was long dead.. s80 can be considered dead cos app production has stopped and all future s80 like (business fones n communicators)fones ll hav s60 os9.2

Crazy Kidd

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Thanks to both Krazy and Pathik. The S40 should also be discontinued and integrated into only one Symbian OS. S60.Even Symbian UIQ.

And all phone should combine and come to a common platform and contribute the best features in their software to found the basics of a new mobile OS. That way comparing phones will be easy and also there will be better compatibility.

But they don't really care about us............................

And good news. With this post I'm moving In The Zone.
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