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The Next Generation of Cool:37 Watt Pentium M Desktop PC

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Intel has a problem. At high clock speeds, its Pentium 4 Prescott is power hungry beyond belief, while AMD, thanks to its Athlon64 processor, stands by laughing. Who cares about power? You should. The P4's high power consumption leads to a high electricity bill, and the chip puts out enormous amounts of heat, which in turn necessitates large and noisy fans to cool it.

Intel has a secret, though. Did you know that the chipmaker produces a processor that only draws one fifth of the power of a desktop chip? Yes, this is a notebook processor talking about. So can this miracle chip be used in a desktop system? Does it pack enough punch for a gaming setup? Indeed, it does!



this is already published, the next Intel desktop PCs are based on Pentium M, netburst is dead

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Dothan really rocks.
Thats why intel didnt comeup with a 4Ghz PresHOTTTT core.
And the netbust architecture was also scrapped.
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