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Which is the team you HATE the most

  • Chelsea

    Votes: 106 27.7%
  • Manchester United

    Votes: 104 27.2%
  • Barcelona

    Votes: 43 11.3%
  • Arsenal

    Votes: 51 13.4%
  • Real Madrid

    Votes: 39 10.2%
  • A.C. Milan

    Votes: 39 10.2%

  • Total voters


In the zone
Arsenal fans can only dream, while we are at it, what do you think about Lewandowski, maybe a lateral move for him in terms of club, but worth a try, his equalizer against arsenal in the champions league group stage match last minute of the match is etched in my memory. We should also look at Torres, Michu, would be great fit.


Julio Cesar then...

I am honestly surprised that if arsenal have the money to spend, why not go for the likes of soldado/lewadonski/rooney etc...You guys seem to have a very limited list...pretty sure 25 would have got you soldado..

I meant Sanogo. :(


I am a cat
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