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My average connection speeds while using different mode of connections

Telephone Wire (Twisted pair of wire) - Maximum speed 52 kbbs

ISDN - 110 kbbs

DIAS - 60 kbbs while voice on use / 90 kbbs when voice not in use

GPRS - 44 kbbs

EGDE - 250 kbbs +

DSL (VSNL (Formerly known as DDSL) ) - 256 kbbs

While looking on cost factor GPRS is the best option i have. It gives me 44kbbs on peak hours and almost 60 kbbs on non peak hours. For a flat 600 rupees a month, i enjoy unlimted downloads... but the disadvantage is my phone's battery and ic have been freezed twice. I would be using a GTRAN card soon!


what is ur point techi ?
theres not question... uve just made a statement
u havent given us the details and pricin of the others either .. that is egde dsl etc .
o and just one slight correction
thats kbPs not kbBs
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