1. xynidexxx

    Why are the prices of processors and mobo's increasing

    :shock:Just was wandering over the various e commercial sites today and to my surprise, except the ram modules everything including proccy's and mobo's are priced 1-1.5 k on the peak more than the normal( i72600k is 18.8k:shock:) this has to do something with falling of the INR ?:|
  2. Y

    Win7 or XP on Atom N455

    Which OS will perform better on Lenovo 10-3C netbook (Atom N455/ 2GB DDR3 / Intel WMA 3150)? XP PRO SP3 or WIN 7 Ultimate with Aero Peak disabled and visual settings for best performance.
  3. C

    sneak peak at hd 4890

    check the images of hd 4890 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT:
  4. A

    Worst Internet Speed in peak hours - Tata Indicom Surf 2 plug

    Worst Internet Speed in peak hours - Tata Indicom Surf 2 plug I am getting the lowest speed in peak hours check screenshots It takes on average 12 mins yes 12 mins to download 1 mb I took the speed when i was downloading file and also browsing different sites. The speed is very very...
  5. abhinandh

    netone doubt

    i was just going through the new telephone diary and it tells that 1call for 7:30minutes as normal telephone usage + rs 6 per is during peak.then will it only cost about rs 14 per hour during peak???
  6. abhinandh

    BSNL Netone Tariff

    can anybody tell me the tariff for bsnl netone.their website says rs0.10/min + normal call charges(pstn dialup).how much is it in total for an hour during peak??
  7. C

    BSNL Bfone

    Hi, I want to apply for BSNL Bfone. Please give me some details about how it can help me to reduce the internet acess charges.I use Dialup Netone to acess net. Usually i pay 7.50 in peak hours and Rs. 15 in off peak hours to acess net at local call charges.If i take Bfone will i be able...
  8. T

    Telephone Lines

    My average connection speeds while using different mode of connections Telephone Wire (Twisted pair of wire) - Maximum speed 52 kbbs ISDN - 110 kbbs DIAS - 60 kbbs while voice on use / 90 kbbs when voice not in use GPRS - 44 kbbs...
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