Taking things a Bit too far with the BitFall Water Display

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Something out of Isaac Asimov's Sci-Fi literature would be the latest technology developed by the Germans. The technology features projecting images using water droplets as the medium of display. The droplets are poured out over and overhead release beam in tiny sizes and these are in turn controlled and released using an advanced algorithm in a computer to coordinate the exact location and size of droplets in the air. The droplets primarily either fall to the ground or a collection area where they are re-pumped backto the dispenser. Pretty cool technology to have in your own backyard.


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Heh, in chennai, owing to hot and hotter climates, not only yu have to pay for the current, but also for tonnes of water a month.
I understand that this is different from the other technology where you just project images onto a sheet of water. Really ingenious idea, if what I presume is correct, but totally impractical as I see it. I don't think color displays are feasible tho, as mixing the right color to the right droplet would take a lot more time. Also, I expect the pixel size to be too large to pass as a good display.
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